2017 Ornament Reveal July 12
2017 Ornament Reveal July 12
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Coming Soon 2017 Ornament Reveal

I have had so much fun designing this years ornament! It has been designed to compliment the one you already have or to give you a perfect start to your collection! Each glass sphere is hand painted by me and measure 4" in diameter..  oh how they sparkle and shine! Stay tuned! 

Here is the one from last 

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  • Michelle Mancell on

    Hi Kristi,
    I just signed up for your February 9th class and am so excited to find out you do classes. I love to paint and draw since I was a young girl. First love was drawing horses, probably what most little girls loved to draw too. But I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint. I have painted with oils and acrylics on canvas mostly. I would love to learn how to use gesso, layering and glazing techniques for abstract landscapes and people. Or just random shapes and color combinations. Hopefully, I’ll learn some new tricks of the trade in your class. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

  • Sheila Muenzer on

    Love the ornament and can’t wait to order one!

  • TIffany Bowen on

    I would like to order the 2017 ornament. What do I need to do?

  • Laurie Carson on

    Can’t wait-! I know it will be beautiful:))

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