2017 Ornament Reveal July 12
2017 Ornament Reveal July 12
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Happy New Year 2018

My sweet friends,

I wish I could tell you all I have planned for this new year but in this real life love letter to you.. my friends.. I am just going to be  honest. I have no idea what God is going to do.. and I am simply relying upon Him. Period.

In my quest to create I have designated this new year as the “Year of Giving.” Each month I will give away a “Three Cross” piece of art. Why? Because I want to share with you the glue of the home, the glue for your marriage, the glue for joy and happiness, the glue for hope.

This glue is Jesus and HE IS THE ANSWER for whatever you are facing. He has been there and continues to be there for me. The cross is a visual reminder of Who He is, What He did for me and for you on the cross and the Hope we have in Him. 

I am excited to reveal a new piece each month and watch how God will use it. Yes, it’s just a piece of art but it’s so much more to me and I pray God will use it to reach a heart, touch a home or heal a marriage. You see with HIM... ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Look for the GIVEAWAY JANUARY 17

Love, Kristi

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  • Donna Mulhern on

    I am interested in ordering 2 of your Flowers for Mama as birthday presents for my daughter and daughter in law. I saw them posted for Mother’s Day. One has two boys 9 and 7, and the other has two girls 6 and 4. I live in Memphis, Germantown area.

  • Heather McDaniel on

    Hi! I am finally over in Memphis, and I was wondering if your art was in a shop or gallery anywhere. I really want a cross canvas, and I also would LOVE a large abstract (beach) for over my sofa. I’ll be here all weekend for a volleyball tournament!

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