Protect The Gift

We all have different gifts- some are gifted speakers, writers, teachers, musicians , its a long list. I have been challenged lately to guard and protect the gift. Mine being art. It took me a while to even accept the gift- which in hindsight seems so silly. But guarding it- as strange as it may sound, all hit me in the middle of a movie, “Where the Crawdads Sing”. She stood before him and behind her was everything she had sketched and painted - so vulnerably waiting on his response. I cried during this part of the movie- because for me, it was very real.  But I was also challenged- to keep my circle, my creative space, between me and the gift giver! Why would I ever let the things of this world seep into that circle- the ugliness of jealousy, comparison, competition, hurt, discouragement- it is not how God intended.
Wherever God has you and in whatever way he has gifted you, thank him for it, guard it and allow Him to use it for a beautiful purpose. His ways are so much higher than ours!

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